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Watson Chiropractic Center


2711 West SR 434 Longwood, FL 32779


Treatment Methods

  1. Manual Adjustments
  2. Activator Method
  3. Cox, flexion/distraction
  4. Thompson Drop Technique
  5. SOT
  6. Anterior block
  7. Active Release Technique
  8. Intersegmental Traction
  9. Interferential Current
  10. High Volt Galvanism
  11. Ultrasound
  12. Cryotherapy
  13. Hydrocollator packs


Patients are usually surprised and grateful that Dr. Watson personally performs the thorough exams and patient history reviews. In this current health care climate of rushed and impersonal care, we allow an entire hour for the new patient visit. Your health issues are always addressed in detail. Your examinations are thorough and informative.


Why should a patient be subjected to unnecessary radiation? We will only take X-rays that are absolutely necessary. That sometimes means making every effort to obtain existing films, records and reports.

X-rays are always shown to the patient and explained in detail by Dr. Watson. Patients should beware of doctors who insist on using only their own films, repeating existing studies and/or not taking the time to show or explain the X-rays.

Laboratory examinations

Our serum and urine samples have been processed through Orlando Health for over 30 years. Often times, labs are not readily available to patients with restrictive or no insurance coverage. We are able to provide necessary lab work at considerable savings to those who otherwise cannot receive these valuable tests. Of course, Dr. Watson reviews the reports in detail and shares the results with our patients' other doctors.

Other diagnostics

Dr. Watson often refers patients for MRIs, CT scans, mammograms and diagnostic ultrasounds. The results are reviewed and shared with patients and any other co-treating specialists and/or primary doctors.

We have strong professional relationships with various diagnostic centers. Patients can expect to be seen quickly and be treated respectfully and professionally.

Three Types of Care

Acute care

• Emphasis on the proper diagnosis.

• Pain relief is the initial priority, correction is encouraged to avoid a return of symptoms.

• Expect thorough history, examination, diagnostic studies, requests for outside medical records, more intensive, frequent care. (e.g., daily to 2-3 times/week)

• Requires full cooperation between the doctor and the patient.

• Often requires time off from work, rest, extensive homecare, co-treatment with other specialists.

• We do not assume all conditions can be treated effectively by chiropractic. Appropriate and timely referrals therefore can be expected.

• Dr. Watson has an excellent reputation in the medical community. Working together provides the best care for patients.

Corrective Care

• Emphasis on correcting identified biomechanical, positional, and postural errors.

• Expect thorough review of postures in work, sleep, daily living and recreational/sport activities.

• Less intensive, less frequent care (e.g., from 2x/week to every 2 weeks) with emphasis on homecare: stretching, strengthening, changes in faulty postures.

• Improving eating and exercise habits requires cooperation and willingness to make positive changes.

• Often requires an open mind and patience with oneself when changing bad habits (e.g., sleeping on your stomach, increasing exercise, and eating properly).

• This is fun and rewarding care! Often, a few simple changes can make a huge difference in one’s health and happiness.

Maintenance Care

• Emphasis on staying well and enjoying good health while continuing proper habits established in the corrective phase

• Expect to reduce your risk of injury, improve spinal function, feel better, save money and time and continue to learn.

• Expect less frequent care of every 2-4 weeks.

• Requires a mindset of health and wellness and an understanding of why maintaining anything-especially your health- is a good investment.

• Most of our patients “graduate” to maintenance care and enjoy improved health and well-being. They look forward to reconnecting with people who truly care for them each month.